Finished TSHOOT and SWITCH in the same week!!! I am a CCNP!!

This is awesome, I passed Switch and TSHOOT in the same week!!!  I did not really blog a ton about SWITCH since it came very easy to me.  A lot of the concepts where not hard except for voice VLANs and Wireless since I have never worked with them before in a production enviornment.  I have not updated this page for a while.  I look over my ROUTE still when I get lost with how certain things work.  Long story short a customer had an issue with their BGP routes where another AS next to them peered only certain routes and for some reason a network was coming in that looked like it should only be iBGP for Sprint.  I had to remember how to “properly”  apply a Pre-fix list.

Which brings me to another interesting topic, on January 24th I took a step in a new direction.  I work for a Service provider who also provides Data Center services.  I cannot describe how awesome of a opportunity this is for me.  I get to work with Cisco, Juniper , VMware and F5 equipment.  This is so amazing, everything I have worked for in my small GNS3 lab and crap switches I am able to apply to the real world.

But anyways, I am a CCNP as of Friday March 11th,2011.   For anyone looking to take the CCNP exams after their CCNA go for it.  Its the best thing you will ever do for yourself.  I have learned so much from these exams and I am finally able to apply what I have learned in the work place.   Being able to use the skills I learned and spent many hours labbing in the workplace to make 1’s and 0’s route/switched properly is just plane awesome!!!

Which brings me to my next dilema… what next?  I have no idea.  From what everyone says to do is go for my CCIE.  I honestly do not think I am ready for that type of certification… its huge.  I think I will study off and on for the next year + for my CCIE.  As of right now I am going to get into the Juniper RS and Juniper Security track.  So exciting.

I will update this page more often.  Some things I need to accomplish in the next few weeks I will blog about will be things as far as Juniper,VMware(weighing out the options of my VCP)and some new IPv6 tactics.

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  • Rowell  On March 23, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    Congrats! What did you think of all three tests? Was one more difficult than the others for you?

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