I have been lacking some blog posts here…. actually working in the networking field is hard enough.  I went on vacation 3 weeks ago, I wish I could go back.  Long story short, I found a Craigslist add for a guy who wanted to get rid of sold old network books for free so of course I went there to pick up some really old stuff, its amazing how things change.  When I went to pick up the books off of the guy he had the following book….

I took this book on vacation and read it a good 3-4 hours a day.  Talking with a co worker he had told me he passed the test and it was rather easy.  This book was published in 2002?  The book mainly dealt with M series routers which we still use, so I knew a good amount that was already in the book.  I learned a lot of things I did not about Juniper Architecture.

After reading the book, and spending time on Junipers fast track site which has all the tools needed to pass this exam… their fast track site is far superior to Ciscos documentation.

I spent a while virtualizing a Juniper router at home within VMware Workstation.  Which can be found here  I would make sure to load a older version first then upgrade.  Also,  another mistake I made was doing this in Linux.  I could not get the virtual serial port to work properly so I moved it to one of my unix boxes.  But, it was interesting since putting it on my management network I was able to use it with my dynamips box!

Junipers test engine is a little slow but it works better than Cisco’s legacy crap.  The test passing score is only a 66%

if I was to do it again I would

-Read Juniper Networks Routers


-Read Junipers Fast Track site for JN0-101

-Practice Exams on Junipers site!

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