Setting up a Lab for VCP

Well, for the past 3 few weeks I have been wearing a different hat.  Where I work we are receiving more and more business for VMware.  Being that it is something I have used in the past, where I used to work we used VMware server but nothing to the degree in which we are using currently.  The more and more I read network blogs and data center blog VMware is heavily used.  So I took it upon myself to take the next few weeks and build a VCP Lab.  My Dynamips box is a pretty beefy server but if I wanted virtualize to instances of ESXi and run Dynamips at the same time I would need more memory.  So I stepped it up a bit.. oh yeah and CPU, I built another computer for a HTPC so I put the AMD X4 in that and purchased a X4 for my Dynamips box.

Current Specs.

AMD X6 Phenom II

16GB of DDR3 Memory!

and my 3550 has a Added 2 new Gbics.. I tried to Etherchannel to Fedora it worked but it was a Mess inside Workstation, it simply did not work out right.

I purchased 2 more NICs.  Both Gigabit Intel 1000/MT cards.  One is PCI-Xpress the other PCI.. Since I ran out of PCI slots 😦

So I wanted to run a full VCP lab like most have within VMWare Workstation.  Virtualizing ESXi instances then adding a XP 64 bit machine to tie in Vcenter… so 4 gigs to each ESXi server 1 gig to my Vcenter host then trunking each of the VLANS from my 3550 GBICs to my Dynamips server.  I will have more to come later here is a Visio Diagram.

and the less impressive real thing!

After I finish with this I am going to hop back on the CCIE train,,,

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  • VCP-510  On October 19, 2011 at 2:28 am

    Microsoft lunch new VCP 5 exam. Microsoft Replace the VCP-410 in to VCP-510.

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