CCIE update

So far I am doing well.  There are some things I am lacking…. going over INE’s vol2 labs to see where I am generally weak I am not very well on the following. QoS,multicast NAT.  I am not entirely concerned that well with NAT.  I honestly have not used it much in the real world other than ASA’s and never on IOS in production networks.

The good part about QoS is I use it heavily at work Catalyst QoS along with router QoS.  Catalyst QoS is finally making sense to me to the point where I can write it out on notepad and make it work but I feel I am not advanced to the point where I could get it going with the gotcha’s and other small problems for the test.  I am planning on going over Multicast with Vol1 next week and anything I do not understand i will spend time labbing it out on a blank vol1 test topology.

Since I am getting married in June and spending majority of June in Greece… Yay!  I am planning on taking the lab the end of summer most likely?  Maybe August or September again.  Mainly I am tired of the old crap.  I really hate learning about Frame-relay, rip and old legacy stuff I would never use.  At this point there is no way I could get the time I have put into this so I might as well get the lab over with.

When I update this again I am hoping to be more efficient with advanced multicast features , QoS and Nat.  I believe once I finish lab 20 of INE and go over the DoCD a few hundred times I will be ready.  its just so hard to spend the 2000 with no promise of passing.

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