waas setup part 3 out of 3

This is the third setup for WAAS this is where all the Good stuff happens here.  I am showing a simple layer 2 redirect just like I showed in my remote sites.  This is by far the easiest way to setup your redirection.  So you will see I have two main DC routers.  I have a WAN VLAN and a WAAS Vlan.




The setup is the exact same as the remote sites.  The Packet is sent from the remote site it is cached in the WAAS.  The WAAS then communicates with one of the two WAAS’s I have in my Data center.  One of those WAAS devices will be setup as the Central manager who makes all the decisions.  So the packet is then intercepted either from the first WAAS or the second WAAS.  If it is intercepted by the secondary WAAS it will then communicate with the primary still just in order for decision making purposes.  So lets take a look at the Central manager configuration if you are to use it as a cluster.

wccp router-list 8 x.x.x.x This is the command which allows Router A or Router B in the data center to redirect towards the WAAS
wccp tcp-promiscuous service-pair 61 62 router-list-num 8 This is Needed if you are using a cluster.  A problem with the cluster is that router A can redirect a packet and sent it out asychnonrously to router B this undesired.
ip route x.x.x.x ip of router Since the router identifier is setup as the loop back of the router make sure that the communication from the waas back and forth does not use the default route.

central-manager address x.x.x.x

And thats it!  Very simply.  On your router A / router B you will need to do the same redirection as you would do in your remote sites with WCCP 61 / WCCP 62.  The rest of the customer central manager list can setup easily through the central manager which is accessible via web browser.





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