ASR9k with Nv Clustering Part 2.

This is a continuation of ASR9k Nv Part 1. In Part 1 we looked at the general theory and purpose to ASR 9k Nv clustering. The configuration is very simple. This configuration is disruptive.

*Before adding configuration Make sure to license each device for Nv make sure one is for rack 1 and the other rack 0*

On each Device as stated before the IRL have to be 10GB for the data plane. They can be either in bundled links or single links. The control links have to be Gig Interfaces.

interface TenGigE1/0/0/0
interface TenGigE1/0/1/0

At this point Connect Each chassis by the RP’s and by the Tengig interface IRLs. Rack 1 should reload. Rack 0 will stay up as soon as Rack 1 reloads its interfaces should appear on Rack 0 creating a Nv cluster.

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