Quick storage notes

I look over these notes generally when I am zoning out a new server or trying to remember some functionality. I have been heavily involved with making a lot of storage san switching lately not just in the FC world but in the FCoE world its been I havent experienced a melt down just yet.

storage notes

Port types
For end devices
N_port – > End host
NL_port- > end host in a artbitrated Loop

Configured on the switches
F_port – > Switchport that connects to a Node port
FL_port – Fabric Loop port. Where you would plug in the storage.

E_port – > ISL port
TE_Port – > Expsnasion port / Extended ISL passes vsan tags.
TF port needs to be ran to a hypervisor similar to a dot1q to a hypervisor without merging fabric or push STP down to a server in the ethernet world.

WWNS – 8 byte Similar to a mac address
FCID – 3 bye similat to a IP address The SAN switch makes it

WWNN – Is a Address asigned to the Node each Server gets one.
WWNP – Physical address of a port Like a MAC each HBA gets one

FCID – This is where you route traffic to.
*Domaine ID
Each Switch gets a Domain ID
*Area ID
Each switch have a area ID
End connection Port ID

Sh flogi database – > Gives you all the fiber logins
MDSA# sh flogi database
fc1/1 1 0x33000d 10:00:00:00:c9:84:b1:c7 20:00:00:00:c9:84:b1:c7

Device alias makes things easier as you can create a node name or port name and match it do a device alias when devices are zoned.

Fiber channel logins

Flogi – N_port sends to F_port to register
Plogi – Used to write to the target
PLRI – FCP application sending traffic.
SD – Span port for Fiber channel
NP – Node port virtualization

FCNS – Similar to ARP Resolves WWN to FCID

#Fiber channnel name server.
MDSA# sh fcns database

0x33000d N 10:00:00:00:c9:84:b1:c7 (Emulex) scsi-fcp:init

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