VCP-Nv announcement / Lab

One of the lab announcements from Vmworld 2014 is a new VCP track for network Virtualization. There blueprint can be found I also posted a previous post on basic NSX concepts. I have been through quite a few installs of it. However, like anything else I would like to master the technology around it. I work with everything except for the firewall and load balancers today. I have created the following topology.


Physically I have 2 Dell 1950 servers running ESXi5.5 and 2 whitebox servers I have normally used for all sorts of testing. I really like the nested 2 vcenter setup. So in my setup on my white box servers I am running vcenter,vcac and the NSX manager on 2 hosts. The ESG,LDR,controllers and guests are all running on the 1950s. It makes sense to separate the control plane and data plane.

Logically this is how my lab is setup.


Looking at the logical setup I have 3 tenants. Tenant A,B and C. Tenant A runs OSPF to a SVI Vlan 100 from the ESG. Tenant B runs BGP where OSPF is redistributed back into BGP and BGP to OSPF. Tenant C does not have a LDR just a ESG since I wanted to experiment with that concept. But, like I said in my last post this is exactly what we do with the network today everything simply exists in the hypervisor.

Since I still receive emails today about people using my prior CCNP notes I would like to kick off a similar blog here where I put together notes or topics related to the VCP-Nv. The problem anymore is really finding the time.

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