Books I recommend

I try my best to finish 2 books a month on various Networking, automation or cloud books from I pay for the safari 39.99 a month plan which gets a subcriber access to all oreilly books as well as pakt and other publishers. Its well worth it in my opinion.

Programming books


The cloud native go book was overall great. I really liked this book because it had a lot of good use cases for go within the cloud and kubernetes.


An introduction to programming in go is an excellent book for someone starting out with golang.

K8s books


This is a generally good read if you are looking for best practices within k8s.


This was one of my favorite books out there which goes over best practices when working with the kube api.


I am not much for security but this book helped my understanding of kubernetes technologies diving into the security aspect of each.


This is a good book for anyone wanting to write a k8s operator. It goes through the reason for k8s operators and each type from ansible, helm and Go.