Cars are about the worse investment Prior to covid that anyone could possibly make. Unfortunately, I keep making that mistake over and over again. I tend to road race, autox and most importantly as any American car enthusiast go down a straight line as quick as possible. Early on in life I was huge into Japanese spec cars. Toyota has always been a favorite of mine.

Me at around 17-18 years of age with my step dad’s celica! celica6g

I then purchased my own 94 celica which I ended up swapping in a JDM st185 3sgte engine in. celicast205

I migrated to every celicas dream car.. sorta a 93 Mr2 with another JDM 3SGTE. I loved this car. It was unfortunate that someone side swiped me and totalted the car :( mr2

Given that this car was totaled I decided to get another JDM legend. I found a st185 celica GT4 which was amazing. I recall driving 500+ miles to upstate NY to pick it up. alltrac I ended up selling this car. I regret it to this day.

In 2012 I purchased a 2012 WRX base. I thought this car was great it was probably the only modern car I have ever owned up until this point! It had tpms sensors haha! wrx So I hope I never own another one of these. These cars are terrible to work on. The EJ205 platform is a complete dinosaur and does not make the power. The WRX itself has terrible brakes. This picture was taken at the tail of the dragon where the brakes were pretty much fried after 20ish minutes of use…. its not like the tail of the dragon is a legitimate road course or anything. This car had full bolt ons and E85. I want to say it made around 350awhp/350tq on E85. It wasnt bad but it wasnt great.

Enter the evo x! evo1 evo2 This car I put a great amount of money into but I can honestly say I built a really legitimate car. By the time I was done with it it made 500awhp onm E85 out of a GT3576R stock frame and close to 400tq. The issue with this car was the powerband was all about 4k and to make that much power it had to be in the top of 4th gear. It was fun and all but I was at the point where I either had to keep building this car(built motor, bigger turbo etc) or keep it the way it was.

Enter my dream car! My wife was trying to get pregnant with our second child. We had a thing going on where if she got pregnant I would get a corvette… well that happened. c71 c72 c73 c74

This car is amazing in every way. It is a 2018 C7 Z06 Admiral blue metalic in a 7 speed manual. Mods are as follows.

  • Ported Supercharger
  • Upper 2.3 pulley
  • American Racing headers
  • Corsa X pipe
  • Meth Injection
  • Cordes intake
  • Mighty Mouse catch can
  • 2019 Radiator
  • Katec 174 Tstat
  • Cordes Heater Exchanger
  • Cordes Expansion tank

On 93 with Meth on a decently hot day the car put down 725rwhp/700tq. Last year I was able to do 10.80s in the 1/4 mile I was not able to get a clean pass which was unfortunate. I plan on making it back in 2022 where my goal is 10.50s.

Next years plan

  • Monster tripple clutch
  • Hurse Short shifter
  • BTR Stage 3 cam
  • Different lower probably 20%